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Introduction to Happy Life Education Foundation Limited

Happy Life Education Foundation is a registered non-profit organization approved by the
Hong Kong government since November 17, 2014.

We aim at running non-profit schools and providing high quality education. By doing these, we strive to spread Chinese culture and legacy at the same time fostering students’international mindedness.

We welcome and greatly appreciate all support from individuals and groups.

Our Aim:
1. Run one or more non-profit schools, providing the best education to the Hong Kong society.
2. Foster physical and mental growth of young people in Hong Kong, meeting the diverse needs of the community.
3. Encourage the young generation of Hong Kong to understand China’s past and present and gain international exposures, helping them build a bright future with open mindedness and national pride.
4. Promote scientific and technological innovation and lead a green life.
5. Care the underprivileged and create a better world.

We firmly believe that unity is strength, so we sincerely welcome all who share the same vision with us to be our partners and friends. Your generous donation will be greatly appreciated and used in the best possible way. We promise to bear in mind our mission and realize it in the days ahead.

Organization name: Happy Life Education Foundation Limited
Registration number: 64072568-000-11-14-2
Establishment Date: November 17, 2014
Registration institution: Hong Kong Companies Registry